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Residual Income (Income for Life) vs Linear Income

     This is a very important subject that you'll never learn about in school.  One of the many downsides to having a typical job is you only get paid if you work.  You work, you get paid but if you don't work, you don't get paid.  Some jobs allow for sick days and vacations but these are limited and get used up fast.  This is called linear income, or simply trading time for money. Every successful entrepreneur will tell you that you will never get rich trading hours for dollars.  Your employer will get rich but you won't.

     One of the many benefits to having your own network marketing business is that as long as you set yourself up you can take days off without losing income. Residual income pays out every month which means if you take care of business you can afford to take days, weeks or even months off with income still being received.  This is called residual income, which leverages your time and your effort.  Building a network helps you accomplish this and as your organization grows so does your income, resulting in Income for Life.

     Think of your cell phone.  Your provider sold you service just one time but you pay month after month to keep your service active.  GDI's services renew monthly as well and you get a cut of each of your referrals' renewals EVERY SINGLE TIME.  Income for Life isn't just an exaggeration or a gimmick.  It's a residual income from each active member in your group working together.

     Even though residual income and leveraging your time are very basic principles they're very valuable ones too and the reality is they're not taught often enough.  This is what Robert Kiyosaki had to say about residual income, income for life, network marketing and direct selling in general.

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