GDI Compensation Plan

Residual income means Income for Life!

     You can earn $1/mo per person in your GDI downline.  A simple 5x5 downline through 5 levels can equate to almost $4,000/mo and there's no limit to how big you can build your team!  Additionally, there are MANY more bonus contests all running simultaneously so there's lot of earning to done!  For more info about other GDI bonuses click the "Learn About GDI Bonuses" link below.

build gdi downline

There's More:  Learn about GDI Bonuses!

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Risk Free Guarantee

Register a full-function free trial account and only go on to become active if you are 100% satisfied.

gdi free trial

A component of the GDI business opportunity just as impressive as its concept is its risk free guarantee.  All new GDI accounts come with a free trial of the same exact services and tools included in a full function account.  You can begin building your income for life before you ever put anything towards it making this a 100% risk free opportunity...  Read More