GDI Bonuses

You can earn weekly bonuses on top of your monthly residual Income for Life!

     GDI pays out a $100 bonus on top of your monthly residual Income for Life for every 5 members you refer within a one week period.  This bonus is paid out weekly so you can be earning every week and month... That's up to 6 times per month! See terms and other bonus opportunities!  Also, remember to check out the "Learn About GDI Premium" link below.

gdi bonus

There's More:  Learn about GDI Premium!

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Risk Free Guarantee

Register a full-function free trial account and only go on to become active if you are 100% satisfied.

gdi free trial

A component of the GDI business opportunity just as impressive as its concept is its risk free guarantee.  All new GDI accounts come with a free trial of the same exact services and tools included in a full function account.  You can begin building your income for life before you ever put anything towards it making this a 100% risk free opportunity...  Read More